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PaperBlade is a human sized IT Services company operating from London, UK and founded by François Souyri in 2013.

Since its creation, Paperblade has helped dozens of organisations to optimise their overall systems, by tailoring to each of their departments' needs. Whether you are a Human Resource Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, Financial Officer, a Charity President or SMB owner, we will bring you the solution that will make your daily business life actually enjoyable.

Are you

  • tired of endless documents and reports?
  • reporting to countless shareholders?
  • part of a very small team?
  • a "one man band" that can't afford to spend so much time on administrative tasks?

Speak to us!

Trust our expertise: we will prove to you that your time CAN be bought back.

Thanks to a plethora of amazing partners, which include the popular SharePoint and Nintex, we will make sure that today's business challenges become tomorrow's work pleasures.

"After many years guiding clients in the UK and Europe, I realised that a new type of IT Services offering was possible; 
One where Customers are being treated as Partners and equally where Consultants are valued and trusted for their expertise. 
One where honesty and realism on estimated time and cost should be put forward rather than sales margin, 
and where working together professionally can also be fun. "

François has been advising companies on setting up the architecture for their Information Systems as well as on collaborating and improving their working practices through technology, for nearly 20 years. He is an active member of several technical communities, a regular speaker at Technology Conferences, Meetups and still leads most technical aspects of our projects.

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