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The money and time you save can be used to keep your business always aligned with current technology

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“I hate having to do this task manually, but it is easier to keep things like this”.

We hear clients saying often.

When we analyse how much time is being wasted by doing the same manual task every day for months or even years and the number of clerical errors, we normally find that the change would have been paid already.

Your system is our system

For us, plan and communication are intrinsically connected. You cannot have one without the other. Operating under the same terminology is therefore essential. So, we are trained to adapt ourselves to whatever methodology our client prefers.

At Paperblade, we use our own blend of Prince2 and Agile to manage our projects.

Quite often we assist our client’s team to get the most out of all methods blended with their normal way to conduct business.

In parallel to any change, we also consider business continuity and data security. Our handover to support and/or business-as-usual will always follow ITIL guidelines where continuous improvement will become a habit, an excellence.


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