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We analyse your current applications and contracts to ensure you are getting the best you can from them

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Technology is changing everything. From the way we communicate, conduct our day-to-day activities and businesses. to be able to compete in this new world of technology, your business must be ‘sharp’ when appointing applications. The technology you choose needs to align with your vision for the future and be compliant with all new data regulations.

At Paperblade, we are trained to understand your vision and check whether your current contracts can take you there. For example:

  • are all existent IT service contracts being monitored and used to their full potential?
  • are there any upgrades or better service offers from your suppliers which could represent an immediate benefit to your business?

Working with several small and medium enterprises and charities, we’ve seen that managers can find technology talks too technical and can feel rather overwhelmed when they hear words such as ‘content migration’ and ‘placing data into a cloud’, for example.

We also found that most of our clients are in a situation where urgent action is required but don’t have the information required to make such decisions. We have therefore adapted our service offer to allow us to take our customers on a self-learning journey.  


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