Sales & Marketing


Project Planning

Your Challenge

Project Management

  • Multiple-team projects
  • Obsolete information in pitches
  • Campaign & event management

Our Expertise

Collaborative Platforms

  • Intranet, project team sites & client portals

  • Centralised document change & instruction system

  • Master marketing calendar for all marketing-related dates and deadlines. Integrates with Outlook


Data Integrity

  • Leads manually entered (human error)

  • Disjointed systems

  • CRM overwhelm

Preconfigured Forms

  • Automated record entry & document generation

  • Automated conversion in CRM applications

  • Alerts for sales follow-up of inactive leads

Contract Management

Sped Up Contract Approvals & Renewals

  • Auto-generate contracts

  • Automated routing of sales agreements to appropriate stakeholders

  • Digital signature & automatic capture of prospect data

Contract Management

  • Time consuming

  • Inaccurate information

  • Delayed sales cycles