When you've used SharePoint for a while, making workflows is not always simple, editing and maintaining them can be expensive.

Nintex is a digital workflow and content automation software that enables all of your manual and paper-based processes to be digitalised, making your day to day tasks much easier and safer.

With Nintex, you can easily generate automatic documents and forms that will not only help increase the rapidity of your approval schemes, contracts and follow ups, but will also make your systems safer and your teams more efficient.

Collaboration across all departments of you organisation is made easy with Nintex. No more endless back and forth e-mails, no more contact confusion, say goodbye to endless threads of e-mails with dozens of recipients who can’t answer all of your questions for you.

Nintex works with the Cloud, SharePoint and Office 365 and is accessible from any device.

Paperblade’s role is to advise you on the most adapted features of Nintex and Workflow Automation for your specific Sector and Projects and to implement those features for you so you don’t have to deal with it yourself.

From briefing, all the way to delivery, we ensure that you are saved time and stress and hand you the final product fully implemented and ready to use! We also provide you the license and software assurance.