Human Resources



Your Challenge

Employee On Boarding / Off Boarding

  • Time consuming

  • Too many touch points (Finance, IT, line manager…)

  • Back & forth e-mails

Our Expertise

Digital Forms & Workflow Integration

  • Generate & publish shared forms with information

  • Assign licenses & set automatic reminders for installation

  • Unified management of mailboxes

Performance Review

Annual Performance Review

  • Time consuming

  • Volume of information

  • Changing wages & bonuses as a result

Online Forms & Integration with HR Systems

  • Integrated e-signatures to automate sign-off and document feedback

  • Maintain and track reviews, including document versions and approval history

  • Automate wage computation and bonus distribution

Absence management

Absence Management

  • Time consuming

  • Planned but may be changed

  • Often unexpected

Centralised Calendars and Automation of Approvals

  • Automated approval features & scheduled reminders

  • Automated time-off adjustments